Overview of the Fields:

Bioinformatics, genomics and systems biology are rapidly growing interdisciplinary fields. Besides experimental studies, mathematical or statistical theories and computer techniques are all required by these fields in order to solve complex biological and biomedical problems. On the theoretical side, researchers develop computational algorithms and methods for biological data analysis and knowledge mining. On the applied side, researchers use powerful computer programs and database systems to facilitate genomics, transcriptomics, and other “-omics” research.

What We Do:

Research topics in bioinformatics are quite abundant and broad, ranging from sequence analysis, genome comparisons, to system-level biological interactions. Our research spans both theoretical and applied bioinformatics, with a primary focus on comparative genomics and evolutionary informatics. We are particularly interested in pathogen-host-drug interaction networks and adaptive evolution of invasive species. See our Research page for detailed information of projects we have been working on.

Promoting Scholarship:

Without team efforts, nothing can be done with the research. Visit the People page for our current and formal students, postdocs and staff. With regard to the teaching, we have been involved in a series of bioinformatics and genomics courses at different levels from Introduction to Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics Algorithms, to Comparative Genomics. Visit Teaching page for more information about the courses.

Other Activities:

I am the undergraduate bioinformatics degree program advisor within the Biology Department, which entails both advising students and providing consultation to other faculty members. There is ongoing involvement in other professional activities, such as grant proposal review, journal article review, and organization of conferences.

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